Online SMS Vs Apps: The Basics

Online SMS Vs Apps: The Basics

You should be glad that you are born in this age where communicating with anyone, no matter the distance, is very easy. Can you imagine if you were born in the pre-internet where you have to patiently wait for the postman to deliver the latest news of your loved ones? Such suspenseful waiting would surely test the patience of anyone.

With today’s global communication network, however, you can get in touch with your loved ones instantaneously. And the good thing is that don’t have to pay for any postage, you can even do it absolutely for free.

Today, there are numerous messaging apps as well as SMS messaging websites to choose from. Of course, each has its pro and cons and you can switch from both platforms depending on your need. Here are some of the basic differences between apps and an SMS messaging website

SMS Messaging Website

In case you are not aware of it yet, there are actually numerous sites offering services that let you send messages to an SMS center. This is especially handy for those who lost or misplaced their handsets; SMS website visitors can send text messages to any cell phone number.

Of course, there are also other reasons why some people prefer to use the services of an SMS messaging website even if they have their phones within reach. Since you can access an SMS site from a laptop or PC, you will basically be using a keyboard to type in the message, a relief to those who find typing via the small keypad of a phone too taxing.

Another reason for sending a message via an SMS messaging site is that you can do it anonymously. If you want to pass on sensitive info without revealing your identity, using a site’s messaging service is the way to go. As any tech blog would assure you, the message won’t be traced back to you since your phone number won’t be included in the message.

Messaging Apps

Everyone is familiar with one type messaging app or another. Of course, the biggest advantage for apps is portability. Since you will be using a tablet or mobile phone to access these apps, you can bring it with you.

However, using the service to send a message require that both you and the receiving party have downloaded the same messaging app. In addition, it will also require that the recipient needs to be logged on and active in the app to receive the message. In case he is not online or is not using the app at the moment, you will still be able to send the message but the receiving won’t know until he logs into the messaging app.